Monday, May 14th, 2007

Simple Tree-based JSON Editor

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Marc of Braincast has whipped up a JSON Editor that builds a tree from your JSON, and lets you walk the tree.

Then, find a node, and edit at that point.

JSON Editor

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:53 am

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Nice work. Very compact code and a simple and easy to use interface.

Comment by J. Jonah JSON — May 14, 2007

Why would anyone use this when console.dir() in firebug does the same thing, better and without an include?

Comment by Dan — May 14, 2007

console.dir…. firebug…..mmmmm :) I completely agree with Dan, it’s another piece of code gone to waste. Nice work though…

Comment by Christian — May 14, 2007

Nice, it’s helpfull for analyze complex json..

Comment by aleks — May 15, 2007

Looks pretty brilliant to me. Nice work.

Comment by Steve Kohler — May 16, 2007

I’ve made one too. With a few more options.

Comment by Thomas Frank — July 6, 2007

Try this one:

Comment by linb — December 22, 2008

ok i know there are already many, if you want a desktop JSON editor which you can use offline too you could try JSONpad:

Many features included and working for all OS (thanks to adobe air ;D)


Comment by zerogiven — June 3, 2010

Here is YUI based JSON editor (Json tree based editing )

Comment by markandey — March 16, 2011

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