Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Simplicity: PHP Ajax Framework using Ext

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John Le Drew has been working on a PHP framework for a few years, and has now packaged it as Simplicity:

The Simplicity PHP Application Framework is an advanced, scalable and extensible PHP application framework to aid developers in creating high traffic, high availability Web 2.0 online applications. Integrating a solid MVC framework with some of the best Open Source projects around Simplicity aims to assist developers with any amount of experience in taking their applications to a new level.

You can get to the code on the launchpad for the framework.

One important piece is the Ajax admin console, developed in Ext that allows a developer will be able to configure all aspects of their application via the Ajax interface, this includes database modeling and the creation of stub controllers, and even the addition of predefined actions to speed up development.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:59 am

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I dont’t quite get what the framework brings with it… already downloaded the code and tried to figure out how to use it, but failed. Is there any example oder documentation?

Comment by Nick — January 12, 2008

Hi Nick

The framework is not released yet, there will be a more stable (but still alpha) release made this Monday and we are aiming to make a full release by the end of the month.

If you visit the Launchpad site ( and register to join the Testing Team you will be notified when the new release is made.



Comment by antz29 — January 12, 2008

I really like how this project is coming along. Following your site since I heard about it, and the framework is now at 0.1 launch.

I plan on giving it a go on my next contract job, because you’ve pulled in what I have seen as the most robust libraries for client side scripting directly from php.


Comment by MadeByChad — January 21, 2008

Just to let those of you that have been following this thread know that the new release of Simplicity 0.2-dev “Captain Koons” was released in the early hours of this morning, details are available on our sire and you can download there!

Cheers John!

Comment by antz29 — February 8, 2008

sorry for my noob question but what is this? and what is the gui for?

Comment by mishehu — March 13, 2008

mishehu; we can say it is a kind of ajax interface, and it can speed up your projects.

Comment by Loadtr — September 22, 2008

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