Thursday, September 21st, 2006

sizeasy: because size matters

Category: Showcase

Sizeasy is a simple Ajax application that lets you size up items.

If you are hanging on eBay and you see that the gold bar that you are looking at has a size of “90x58x20mm” you may find it hard to know what that actually means.

Well, this is where Sizeasy comes in, as you can input your own item and compare the size to other items such as a pack of cards, iPods, a CD, and more.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:21 am

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Why? If it’s for commercial interests, they better hope they get acquired cuz this is WAY too specialized of a product. I would need to use this maybe 1 day out of the year, and when it comes time to use it I wouldn’t even remember this product. Pointless.

Comment by Blake Fischer — September 21, 2006

Are you havin a laugh? Seems like people will code anything thesedays just for the sake of using Ajax. Totaly useless, although useful as a portfolio piece for an interview perhaps.

Comment by seb835 — September 22, 2006

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