Friday, May 19th, 2006

Slides from Ajax Experience – Beyond Cookies (Using Dojo.Storage)

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Brad Neuberg has posted his slides from the Ajax Experience 2006 conference covering his look at persistent storage methods for your web applications, both off and online. It focuses specifically on using the Dojo.Storage to keep large amounts of data at the fingertips of your app.

Web applications have been constrained by the 4K limit of cookies for years. Learn how the new system can allow web applications to persistently and securely store large amounts of data. Developers will be shown how to use the API; example applications that use these APIs, such as a web-based word processor that persists its file’s locally rather than on a server; and details of how is internally implemented.

The presentation walks users how to use the Dojo.Storage module inside a full-scale open source application (,a href=””>Moxie) to manage text in a word processing environment both off and online. There’s also links to the demos mentioned in the presentation – one for Moxie and the other a test of the Dojo.Storage interface.

You can check out the presentation in various formats – HTML, OpenOffice 2.0, and PDF.

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Thanks for the link love!

The Ajax Experience conference was great.

There’s a small html glitch in the Ajaxian post that is keeping the Moxie link from working.


Comment by Brad Neuberg — May 19, 2006

Guys there is a typo on the last paragraph and the link is not displaying properly. Kindly look at it

Comment by Sudar — May 28, 2006

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