Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Smart GWT 2.0 turns a year old and get a blue skin for its birthday

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Sanjiv Jivan has released Smart GWT 2.0, a big release for the project.

The core updates are:

GWT 2.0 support

Smart GWT supports GWT 2.0 and continues to remain compatible with GWT 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. This release is a drop-in upgrade for users of earlier versions of Smart GWT. The API’s of Smart GWT have been very stable and as a result there will be no upgrade cost or migration effort for users upgrading to Smart GWT 2.0

New Enterprise Blue theme and significantly improved Enterprise Gray theme

These themes now closely follow the Vista UI specification and guidelines. Incorporating the new theme is as simple as inheriting the new EnterpriseBlue theme module and does not require any other changes.

And other features include:

  • Drop-in upgrade with no upgrade or migration effort
  • Multi-Column sort support
  • Grid Row Expansion support for
    • memo rows
    • detail views
    • nested editable form
    • nested editable grid (useful for representing 1-many relationships)
    • any custom embedded component
  • Collection of standard Window icons, picker icons and transfer buttons as part of every theme
  • Improved Showcase demo with ability to search for samples by keyword. Added several new samples
  • Various other enhancements like Date field masks, improved IE 8 and Safari strict mode support.

To see the breadth of the project, make sure to check out the showcase which is very deep indeed. Nice work guys!

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Another blue theme.

Comment by BenGerrissen — December 17, 2009

Woo. Loading page.

Comment by Skilldrick — December 17, 2009

Woo. They even made custom scrollbars, inputs and buttons looking like native ones, but slower.

That’s a little too much for me.

Comment by fabienmenager — December 17, 2009


Comment by stoimen — December 17, 2009

Impressive. Now only if it all degraded gracefully.

Comment by jarvez — December 17, 2009

I wish Smart(Client/GWT) was smoother and faster. (Compare the treegrid with ExtJS’s treegrid. ExtJS loads faster and scrolls smoother) Then we no one would be complaining about ExtJS licensing because we’d all be using Smart*.

Previously people had complained about Smart* looking old. This theme ought to squelch any doubters.

I’m glad to see some progress coming out of the Smart* guys. I was beginning to wonder if they were still there.

Comment by tercero12 — December 17, 2009

@jarvez: Can you explain what you mean by degraded gracefully? I hope you’re not like my brother who expects ExtJS to degrade well enough to work in Lynx.

Comment by tercero12 — December 17, 2009

fabienmenager : If you prefer, custom scrollbars can be disabled via a simple setting : setShowCustomScrollbars(false). Many companies have strict UI guidelines and as an example, having the OSX scrollbar with a Vista like theme can cause a visual mismatch. SmartGWT doesn’t enforce custom scrollbars but simply supports this feature. The input boxes are native and have a simply CSS applied to the borders. Buttons are not native as they support being stretched / scaled.

tercero12 : point well taken. Performance optimization is going to be a focus for the next release and just like the skin improvements, users will see performance improvements without any explicit changes to their code. Infact I’m looking forward to working with Google’s Speed Tracer.

Comment by sjivan — December 17, 2009

From what I can see, it doesn’t degrade in _any_ way. Trying it out in older, less-capable browser (e.g. Safari < 3, Opera < 9) just keeps showing "loading" screen.

Comment by jarvez — December 18, 2009

I don’t think expecting it to degrade gracefully is reasonable. While i’m sure that’s entirely possible, that’s not the problem they are trying to solve. RIAs can be so complex that making it degrade gracefully would almost double the cost and development time of most projects.

Comment by abickford — December 18, 2009

While I think degrading something that’s built progressively on top of conventional controls is relatively easy, in this particular case they could _at least_ do trivial all-or-nothing type of degradation.

Comment by jarvez — December 18, 2009

this is amazing! well done.

Now, someone take this framework, and build a good customizable CRM / Project Management / Group Sharing database. Something like quickbase, but with these ui elements, anda visual basic drag and drop gui design approach.

Use cloud services as the data storage (amazon es2 / s3),, quickbase, google apps, etc. Use OAUTH for authentication. build tools to help import data and api’s to get data out easily.

I think a lot of people would use that, myself included!

Comment by liquidicelabs — December 18, 2009

happy b-day GWT and nice blue theme

Comment by bizsimon — December 19, 2009


help me please!

Sorry my bad english.

I need to use the grid-filtering in my application.

Already integrate all .js (ext-base.js, ext-all.js, RangeMenu.js, ListMenu.js, GridFilters.js, Filter.js, StringFilter.js, DateFilter.js, ListFilter.js, NumericFilter.js, BooleanFilter.js, and grid-filter-local.js).

But the application does not do anything.

Can you help me please???

Thanks!!!!! =D

Comment by KarlaM — January 8, 2010

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