Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Smart GWT 2.4 Released

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Smart GWT 2.4 has been released and, as expected, they are jumping on the HTML5 and iOS/Touch bandwagon. The fact that the touch support doesn’t require code changes for existing apps is most welcome. Also, the mention of the upcoming Smart GWT Mobile with “pixel perfect iOS look and feel” sounds intriguing. Many have tried, few have succeeded.

From the release announcement:

  • GWT 2.1.1 Compatible
  • Smart GWT QuickStart Guide
  • Touch & Mobile support : Support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with no code changes required.
  • Offline support : The Offline subsystem provides features for storing and retrieving values in persistent browser storage. It is also seamlessly integrated into the normal DataSource request/response cycle. With a single property DataSource.useOfflineStorage you can enable automatic offline caching of recently fetched data so that if a user goes offline they still have access to last data they viewed.
  • User Defined data highlighting allows users to highlight important or unusual data values in a ListGrid or TreeGrid based on dynamic user defined rules instead of hard coding such logic for background and foreground cell colors within code. A Highlight Editor allows end users to fully configure such highlight rules to customize their view of the data.
  • Advanced Hover components allows any UI component to be added as a hover, such as a grid, chart or even a layout combining several components when hovering over a ListGrid or TreeGrid row.
  • Simplicity theme : A new ultralight skin that is easily customizable and virtually image free. This can be viewed by selecting the “Simplicity” theme from the dropdown in the Showcase explorer.
  • IE Performance improvements : Performance improvements have been made across the board but some IE specific performance enhancements have been made and users can expect a significant improvement in responsiveness in IE.
  • 24 hour Calendar support : The Calendar component now supports 24 hour time formatting.

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If you think that SmartGWT is too heavy to compile or use, look at lightweight framework

Comment by lubino — January 27, 2011

For Mobile you may want to try a GWT Touch optimized framework called NEXT

Comment by contactywebbcom — August 21, 2011

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