Thursday, December 11th, 2008

SmartMarkUp: Universal Markup Editor

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Joseph Woods of PHPCow sent us a note about SmartMarkUP, a “universal markup editor”:

SmartMarkUP is a lightweight and powerful JavaScript library that allows you to turn any textarea into a fancy markup editor. HTML, CSS, XML, Wiki syntax, BBCode or any other desired markup language can be implemented and/or adjusted to your preferences and business needs. SmartMarkUP doesn’t depend on any other JavaScript library and can be integrated with any already existing JavaScript library or code.

Although SmartMarkUP is stand-alone, they’ve created a jQuery plug-in wrapper for it. The documentation is quite extensive and includes detailed notes on how to use the editor to edit your own markup.

While the editor has buttons and such to make it easier to manipulate the markup (a la WordPress’ own code editor) the editor itself doesn’t have any kind of syntax highlighting or auto-indent / auto-complete features.

Still, it’s a pretty neat little package:

* SmartMarkUP is completely free and open source
* SmartMarkUP is a small script, compressed version weights only 10kb
* SmartMarkUP is completely skin-able you can fit it’s design with your applications easily
* SmartMarkUP can be used from any other script
* SmartMarkUP is self contained and doesn’t depend on any third party scripts. You can use it with Prototype, jQuery, Mootools or any other JavaScript libraries.
* SmartMarkUP doesn’t requires changing of already existing markup or code infrastructure.
* SmartMarkUP degrades gracefully, that means your application will continue working in browsers with disabled JavaScript.

What do you think?

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 12:00 pm

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Nice, I might have use for this in future projects.

Comment by cnizz — December 11, 2008

This looks very, very similar to markItUp!

Comment by JimNeath — December 11, 2008

EditArea has syntax highlighting which to me is very important.

Comment by Fyzbo — December 11, 2008

Looks cool, but the GPL makes it a no-go for non-GPL projects.

Comment by dalangalma — December 11, 2008

+ Fancy buttons :-)
+ Fancy preview :-)

– No syntax highlight :-(
– No indentation features :-(
– No validation of syntax :-(

maybe its just me, expecting too much…

Comment by Montago — December 12, 2008

validation of syntax in a web editor? crazy fool.

remindsme too of MarkItUp, the jQuery plugin editor.

Comment by Aimos — December 12, 2008

thank you for post!

SmartMarkUP is simple wrapper… it just wraps basic textarea and adds useful functionaligy.. it is impossible to highlight syntax in a textarea…

for indentation you can use “Tab” and “Shift + Tab” combinations.. but note that indentation feature works only with multiline selections…

You are absolutely right… I’m going to add MIT license as well..

If you’ve seen project’s home page in the “Credits & Thanks” sections markItUp! is mentioned…

Comment by JosephWoods — December 12, 2008

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