Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Snook’s Snitter on AIR Beta 2

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Jonathan Snook updated Snitter, his deskop Twitter client, to use Adobe’s recently released AIR beta 2. In his blog posting, he discusses some of the new changes in AIR and the challenges he had migrating his code to this new release:

Many of the complaints with the original release of Snitter were unfortunately limitations of the AIR platform. Input controls and scroll widgets were hideous, keyboard text selection was non-existant, among other deficiencies.

Beta 2 luckily fixed most of the major issues (with US keyboard layout being the remaining one on my list). The new version of Webkit also offered up the ability to make use of border radius which allowed for a very flexible UI.

More details are available on Jonathan’s blog. You can also download Snitter here.

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I use Snitter. I like Snitter. It’s quite a handy little gadget.

Comment by Bridget Stewart — October 10, 2007

Snitter is one the best Twitter clients available. I’ve used most of what’s available for Mac and PC, and Snitter just clicked with me. Snook’s done an amazing job with it.

Comment by Chris Harrison — October 10, 2007

Snitter is definitely my favorite Twitter client right now, and I’ve tried quite a few (including both AIR- and non-AIR-based clients).

While it’s definitely an ever-evolving situation with Twitter clients, Snitter’s managed to constantly stay at the top of the pack. Highly, highly recommended.

Comment by Alex Falkenberg (alexfalk@twitter) — October 11, 2007

I love to use snitter, I am very comfortable with it.

Comment by DESIGNEXPANSE.COM — October 11, 2007

I have used for a while now, and I wont budge. Jonathan is not only thinking about usability, but he is taking feedback and using it to his advantage. Looking forward to Snitter V1 :D

Comment by Byron Rode — October 11, 2007

Why do you guys write some much about ActiveX and so little about what you’re supposed to write about, Ajax…?
I though you guys were the “Ajaxians” and not the “ActiveXians”… ;)


Comment by Thomas Hansen — October 11, 2007

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