Friday, February 29th, 2008

Snoto Photo: Snook, Flickr and AIR

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After recently installing Snitter, I have to say I’ve become a bit of a fanboy of Jonathan Snook. The guy just produces some good stuff. So when I saw that he announced a new AIR application, I had to get it installed and checked out.

While Snoto (ya know, Snook, Snitter, Snoto) isn’t as polished as Snitter, it’s not meant to be. Jonathan has released this as a foundation for those that want to understand how to build AIR applications.

The goal of this is not to create a Flickr client that “does it all”. It was put together as a reference application for anybody interested in learning more about Adobe AIR. Snoto has been released under a Creative Commons license, so it’s available for you to take and extend how you wish. The link to the source code is included at the bottom of the Snoto page.

This is a great help to many developers as interest in Adobe AIR has skyrocketed since the release of AIR v1.0. MooTools developers should be especially pleased with the fact that Snoto was built using the MooTools JavaScript library, specifically because of the ease with which AIR applications can be developed without jumping through hoops. While other JS libs are now updated to work with AIR’s security model, MooTools was the first to be compatible even during the beta process.

Again, the biggest benefit is to those that want to learn about working with the AIR API:

From the AIR API, I haven’t gone hogwild but rather kept it simple. You can see use of nativeWindow, context menu and EncryptedLocalStore.

Having access to Webkit made styling the interface very straightforward. Like Snitter, it’s a combination of background images, PNG images, and some CSS3/border-radius to round things out.

The Snoto page has been setup with an AIR install badge which should make it easy to check it out.

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mootools rocks! ;)

Comment by Nir Tayeb — February 29, 2008

It gives an Error #2032 using the badge installer with Air 1.0 – Oh well, better luck next time.

Comment by Dave Probert — March 3, 2008

Very cool. It’s good to see more people realizing the power and simplicity of the Mootools framework.

Comment by renderblender — March 3, 2008

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