Monday, June 7th, 2010

Snow Reports: One app written. Deployed to iPhone, Android, webOS

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Steve Gill of Nitobi has posted about a PhoneGap application called SnowReports. The application is open source and forkable on GitHub and shows how you can take a mobile Web application and port it between iPhone, Android, and webOS (and PhoneGap itself can even go beyond to other platforms such as Nokia/Blackberry).

Steve also put together a screencast that shows porting from iPhone to webOS in 10 minutes (as well as sharing tips and tricks of PhoneGap along the way):

If I put my Palm hat on, you may have heard about our $1M dollar Hot Apps program. It closes out at the end of June, but we have seen good apps rising in the ranks quickly. One recent example is Dropboxify. You still have time to get an application in the running for a decent prize. If you have a PhoneGap app already, then the 10 minutes are surely worth while ;)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:10 am

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Hi Dion, it is very annoying that you don’t change the resolution on YouTube videos so that the whole video thingie is visible without having to start fiddling in FireBug. Among other things it’s impossible to get things into fullscreen, simply because the full-screem button isn’t visible. Modify the width of your videos, at least, before publishing them here …

Comment by ThomasHansen — June 7, 2010

@ThomasHansen I have no problems viewing the youtube video correctly. But I’m running chrome and not ff currently.

Comment by ner0tic — June 7, 2010

Thanks for the Dropboxify link. Never realized, DropBox is Palm or rather WebOS capable, as Palm is not listed among mobile devices on the dropbox site. Thx

Comment by valtom2002 — August 2, 2010

Well. I will definitely put SnowReports on a test drive. Just finished an iphone app and I am pretty curious.

Comment by Haartransplantation — February 11, 2011

is it working today?

Comment by denop — March 23, 2011

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