Monday, April 7th, 2008

Spket IDE 1.6.11 Released

Category: JavaScript

The team at Spket Studio continues to enhance their Eclipse-based Spket IDE announcing today the release of Spket IDE 1.6.11. The updates include:

  • A Theme Builder for the Ext JS framework
  • Code assist for JavaScript improvements (references)
  • Code assist support JavaScript keywords and documention view for JavaScript editor (references)
  • Preferences for color of matching brackets (references)
  • Bugs: code assist for XML closing tag was fixed.
  • Bugs: Insert code snippets affect more than one editor was fixed.

Spket IDE 1.6.11 is immediately available for download.

Posted by Rey Bango at 10:11 am

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Link for screenshots and tutorials not working :(

Comment by Kas — April 7, 2008

Unrelated to the topic posted, but it looks like they have some other cool tools on their site like Ext support for the JavaScript Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008.

I’m curious as to how their Tiny Eclipse runtime performs in comparison to full Eclipse (Eclipse: “I shall eat all of your ram and cpu.”). Right now I have full Eclipse running simply to running the build/test tools that my company has = ~400mb ram just to sit in the background.

Comment by posure — April 7, 2008

@posure: I’m using Eclipse for all of my PHP/HTML/JS work and just recently “merged” my separate Aptana Pro and Zend Studio for Eclipse installations into one based on Spket’s Tiny Eclipse.

Their distribution isn’t much smaller than the Eclipse Classic distribution, the download is just smaller as it is a jar file rather than a zipped Eclipse folder, and it only contains the necessary plugins for html/js/xml editing. So there’s no difference in performance.

I find Spket’s Javascript editor superior to Aptana’s (code formatting, for example), whereas Aptana’s HTML editor is very nice with the included preview tabs. So it’s the combination of Aptana (HTML editor), Zend (PHP editor), Spket (JAvascript) that works best for me.


Comment by bmatzner — April 7, 2008

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