Friday, May 16th, 2008

Spring WebFlow 2.0; JavaScript Module Released

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Spring Web Flow 2.0 has been released which includes a new Spring JavaScript module.

Here is an example of an onclick wrapper calling an Ajax event:

  1. <a id="prevResultsLink" href="search?searchString=${searchCriteria.searchString}&page=${ - 1}">Previous Results</a>
  2. <script type="text/javascript">
  3.     Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.AjaxEventDecoration({
  4.         elementId: "prevResultsLink",
  5.         event: "onclick",
  6.         params: { fragments: "body" }
  7.     }));
  8. </script>

I got to sit down with Keith Donald and Jeremy Grelle from SpringSource and talk to them about the going-ons on the Web tier. There are a couple of moving parts, from the core Web framework (Spring MVC), to the Spring Webflow controller engine, to the new Spring JS module.

Spring JS abstracts on top of other JavaScript libraries (this release supports Dojo, but more can come), and aims to make certain tasks very easy to do. Jeremy talks about some of the use cases, such as form validation. The library could be used stand alone, but of course there is nice integration with the server side Spring frameworks too. This allows you to annotate in Java, and get nice Ajax behaviour on the client.

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I’m very interested in this interview and really appreciate the trouble you’ve gone to to get it. But, I can’t understand what they’re saying.

Comment by rleighton — May 16, 2008

ya, voices are lost in the ambient noise of the room :( the bits I heard sound exciting though :)

Comment by MadeByChad — May 16, 2008

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