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SproutCore @ JSConf: SeedJS, great features, amazing demos

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Mike Ball & Evin Grano of Eloqua gave a fun talk this morning at JSConf, and they had great stuff to show.


SproutCore is supporting CommonJS, but a lot of code was written by folks before CommonJS….. so they created SeedJS a package management tool that groks CommonJS and packages everything up for you. seed is built on top of git and lets you do things like:

seed fork markdown
seed install js-beautify


Greenhouse is an interface builder for SproutCore (in the Atlas, Ares, vein). SproutCore was actually written with tooling in mind. For example, the tool can load up your SproutCore app and suppress the main loop, and get access to your custom views.



SproutCore has added really nice touch support natively into the framework. The guys showed the sample apps running on an iPad. They have done a lot of work here. For example, the physics for bouncing when you scroll, the list picker does the right UI when rotating to portrait mode. In a couple of weeks they took this and got a few apps written, including:


I love this. A team recreated the NPR iPad application using SproutCore… in a matter of *days*. And it really works. You can read the news, listen to the audio, etc. What is so cool about it is the fact that you can’t tell the difference between the HTML version and the native version. I really want Joe Hewitt to get his hands on this. In fact, on some scrolling tests the HTML version felt *smoother* to me. This is a real feet and a strong vindication for the Web platform. Not only do you get reach, but you can deliver first class applications on mobile and beyond. Fantastic job guys.


Oh, and this stuff works on any touch device. And it is hardware accelerated. You can also check out their new touch based doc tool.

The SproutCore team have a post introducing SproutCore Touch.

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where can we see the web app version of the NPR app?

Comment by tedp — April 18, 2010

What is “Vein” ? you mentioned it along with Atlas & Ares. Could you please post a link to that interface builder?

Comment by sky1234 — April 21, 2010

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