Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

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Anne van Kesteren, Marcos Caceres, and Lachlan Hunt talk about Web standards on their show which is interestingly titled “Standards Suck” (since they are active participants on making them suck less!).

They recently published some interesting interviews, including:

Alex Mogilevsky of Microsoft on CSS and IE 8

I interviewed Alex Mogilevsky here in Mandelieu during TPAC on CSS and the new Internet Explorer. Alex is a developer on the IE Team working on the new IE8 layout engine. He also participates in the W3C CSS Working Group.

Charles McCathieNeville of Opera on W3C Web Apps and more

Marcos Caceres interviewed Anne’s manager on Web Apps, being a chair, and RDF & HTML5. Charles McCathieNeville works for Opera Software (duh) and is the Chief Standards Officer there. He travels around the world promoting standards and discussing them. And in some other time he chairs the W3C Web Apps Working Group and edits the progress events specification.

and more:

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Please guys, think about those who don’t want or can’t see (or hear) videos by writing a log of the interview or something like that.

Thanks !

Comment by benjamindavid — October 23, 2008

agree, or how about the transcript forwarded to us readers in an email so we can read it on the way home? is great for that kind of thing,

good stuff though ;-)

Comment by indiehead — October 23, 2008

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