Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

State of ECMAScript Implementations

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John Resig has done some research on the state of ECMAScript 4 implementations:

I’ve just completed my first survey of the current ECMAScript 4 implementations. I went through and attempted to compile as many bugs and features as possible, as stated by the ECMAScript 4 specification and double-check them against all the actively-maintained implementations. You can view a nice overview below.

I think it’s fascinating to note that there’s 3 implementations that already have over 25% of all the new features in the language implemented.

And, there is an interesting note on Tamarin:

Might be worth mentioning that the Tamarin VM by itself doesn’t directly support ECMAScript source code. Rather, the subproject esc (written in ECMAScript 4) compiles ECMAScript 4 to abc bytecode that is run by the Tamarin VM. (And I imagine you know that already, but it might be an interesting detail for some visitors.)

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I’m not holding my breath to see IE on that chart anytime soon :D

Comment by Site Smart — December 18, 2007

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