Monday, November 6th, 2006

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StickyTag is a simple system that lets you create post-it notes via the web just like the desktop version, and other online versions.

If you are the kind of person who would prefer to use a web based system that follows you as you go from computer to computer this could make sense. It would be great if they had a desktop widget version that sync’d up so you could choose the style but use the other features.

Some of the nice features are:

  • Archive Stickies: Archiving is kind of like hiding stickies away to unclutter
  • Auto Delete Stickies: Based on a time setting
  • Push Stickies: This allows you to share the same stickies between users (very nice)
  • Search stickies: You always have your old data


Update: Posticky is a similar application that also offers mobile support and voice stickies.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:57 am

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I can add StickyTags only while I’m at, should the “add new” button not appear and hover over the content of any page I browse to? I’d get right into using it if I can figure out how it works!

Comment by Adrian — November 6, 2006

[…] Thanks in no small part to Ajaxian […]

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Buggy as hell on FF2.0.

Comment by Simon Jia — November 7, 2006

I tried to use this, but once I logged in, it proceeded to reload the page in an infinite loop (FF2.0). Awesome.

Comment by Phil Crosby — January 10, 2007

The book takes place in a house in England in the 1200’s and Catherine, or also called birdy in this book, the stubborn daughter of Sir Rollo and Lady Aislinn, has been asked, by her brother who is a munk, to keep a journal and these are supposed to be important in her life for one whole year.
Birdy has been proposed to by a richer knight than her father. Unfortunately, she finds her future husband to be old, basic and filthy. Unlike most of her friends, Birdy rebels against the idea of a woman working. She hates being bought and sold in order to make her father richer and she had drove off all previous suitors.
As we read through a year with Birdy, we learn about village, castle and lif of a rich knight. She goes to fairs, weddings, plays, church and funerals. With Birdy, we visit a monastery. She learns about medicine and the roles played by every station of life. Jews are kicked out of England and some stop at the manor house where Birdy, who has been warned about them, looks for their tails and wonders at their people.
The talent of Cushman, however, is so good that mostly we learn about Birdy. She’s not just there as a camera to witness the events for our inspection. She’s a fully developed character and by the time I finished this short novel, you know a lot about her and she feels a lot of regret by the end of the story.
The afterword sets Birdy’s life in the bigger point of view and contains a lot of easy historical information within a few pages. My opinion on the book is it was a good plot to it in the beginning and it made me want to keep reading more so I could find out what happens. On the other hand I didn’t like how the whole thing was a journal entry. Maybe one day she wrote a word and the next day she wrote a few pages. I just don’t like how the book goes back and forth for the first half. It eases up the second half but the story gets a little crazy then. Over all it was a decent book

Comment by ryan ritchie — March 2, 2007

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