Friday, October 17th, 2008, an internet notification platform

Rusty Klophaus has launched, an internet notification platform that works on both Windows and Mac (including support for Growl). “Using Stitcho, your website can send real-time noti?cations directly to a user’s desktop, even when their web browser is closed.”

Rusty told us:

Stitcho is different from the other Javascript-to-Growl bridges that you have reviewed. It is more like a Ruby-on-Rails-to-Growl bridge, or an ASP.NET-to-Growl bridge. In other words, a web application sends an alert via an API call on the server-side, allowing web apps to alert a user even when the browser isn’t running. There are currently APIs for C#, Ruby, and Erlang.

There appears to be a client side install, and then code wise, you write something like the following (example in Ruby):

  1. require 'stitcho-lib'
  3. StitchoLib.stitcho_signup(partner_id, sign_key, email, message)
  5. StitchoLib.stitcho_send(partner_id, sign_key, email, icon_id, message, url)

We have talked about this kind of stuff before including a Gears playground.

Stitcho uses Nitrogen, an event-driven web framework for Erlang.

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I rather use Twitter for such a things. I get SMS notification when an error occurs. Quicker and I can get notification anywhere I am (not only in front of my comp).

Too bad it doesn’t send SMS notification in France anymore.

Comment by Spir — October 17, 2008

…even when their web browser is closed.

btw, who closes his browser?! …i mean “restarting” to free mem, yes, but “closing”? ;-)

Comment by muhqu — October 17, 2008

This looks awesome! I’m so excited to start using this!!!

Comment by stockings — October 17, 2008

I don’t realy get the point vs instant messengers : I send notifications throught gtalk. I’ve got notifications history on gmail and it’s really simple to implement in applications (uses php). Did I miss something ? colors ?

Comment by rsi — October 17, 2008

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