Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Stocker showcases Dojo

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SitePen has created Stocker “which demonstrates some of the more advanced capabilities of Dojo, including the newly released DataChart, the DataGrid, Data Store, Comet, Persevere, and BorderContainer. SitePen is also offering a one-day workshop where you will learn how to create Stocker yourself, but I’m here to give you a sneak peak of what Stocker is and how it works.

Stocker uses these technologies to emulate a stock monitoring application. We’re using made up data, but that’s actually more interesting. The Persevere server generates new stock items at certain intervals, and then pushes them to the browser with Comet. Then the Data Store updates its items and triggers an onSet notification. The DataGrid and DataChart are both connected to the same store, and are listening to that event. They then update their displays and show the stock items and their latest data.”

Want to see what it would be like to develop using Persevere, DataGrid, DataChart, and friends!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:44 am

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The DataChart is pretty, but it looks like the curved lines have to be flat (horizontal) at every data point, which I do not like and will harm the accuracy of charts. I hope that gets addressed.

Comment by jsutcliffe — April 2, 2009

Actually, the impressive part (to me, at least) is seeing the Comet implementation through Persevere. Excellent write-up!

@jsutcliffe Select a different charting method, such as “Lines Only” to get “true” values The curves are only showing trending between the actual points of data, as the only actual data is where the bullets are.

Comment by Liquidrums — April 2, 2009

I’m aware of that, but the forced-horizontal at each point makes the trending inaccurate. The lines are not trending to match the data, but instead are trending to a path that will take them horizontally into the next data point.

Comment by jsutcliffe — April 2, 2009

@jsutcliffe – fwiw you can adjust (in dojox.charting) how much bias to put on the curves between points by setting the ‘tension’ parameter. This would allow you to more accurately display trend between points.

Comment by phiggins — April 2, 2009

That’s awesome,
only works in IE 8 “Compatibility View” tho :-(
I suppose you could always just send the X-UA-Compatible header thing…ick

Comment by ZachSmith — April 2, 2009

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