Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Stripe Generator: Web 2.0 Go Faster Stripes

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You gotta love the Web 2.0. Only now do you get gems such as the Stripe Generator, a tool that lets you tweak a bunch of settings to produce the stripes that you need for your own Web 2.0 application.

Stripe Generator

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:27 am

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Having to click on the preview image to update it is *so* WEB 1.0.

Comment by p01 — March 27, 2007

No, not at all Web 1.0, because the user chooses whether or not he wants to update the preview… waaoooo thrilling ;)

More seriously this tool works really well ! Just simple and efficient !

Comment by jbfeldis — March 27, 2007

What are you supposed to use the stripes for?

Comment by chess64 — March 27, 2007

Print it out and use it as boomark for the old analog device known as book to make it a book 2.0.

Seriously, i have no clue where to use this….

Comment by Dubya — March 27, 2007

nice app but having to click the image is a bit distracting. maybe you guys could add a small checkbox at the bottom called “auto update” ? Then the tool is just about perfect

Comment by Alex93053 — March 27, 2007

Hey, that’s cool, 1st person I’ve seen using my DHTML Color Picker :)

The program seems pretty basic… would like to see a more advanced pattern generator that goes beyond just diagonal stripes….

Comment by mudx — March 27, 2007

mudx, i wrote to you but your form mail doesn’t work! =)
Give me a way to contact you :)



Comment by Fabio Fidanza — March 27, 2007

hmm, they jumped the gun, April fools is on Sunday

Comment by Justin Lumb — March 27, 2007

Where to use this ???????
As Background (repeat-x)
Box Containers, Box Header Containers (behind header text), as a body background image, etc…

A lot of sites using it at the locations i mentioned….

Comment by andreas — March 27, 2007

Nice tool, and a good expose on web2.0 technology
well done!

Comment by Jester — March 27, 2007

the term “Web 2.0” is a term that should only be used by marketers and not any self respecting developer, soul check time.

Comment by f baldoni — March 27, 2007

where to use it? Barber’s website.
Pretty cool though

Comment by uh — March 27, 2007

I’m liking the tool much better now with the horizontal / vertical options. Now, if only you didn’t have to “click here to refresh”… I think perhaps writing an extension in Canvas for FireFox would be great, because then it would not have to generate the image each time, so the preview would be in real-time. It could fall-back to the default image generation method in IE. Would save you a lot of bandwidth too :) Here is a good canvas tutorial if that sounds like something you’d like to do: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Canvas_tutorial

BTW, thanks for the link to colorjack!

Comment by mudx — March 27, 2007

That’s nowhere near Web 2.0… If it was it would be called “Stripe Generatr” … ;-)

Comment by erlando — March 28, 2007

This is a nice tool, shame I’d actually just completed a project that used diagnal stripes before finding the tool!

In terms of future releases and agree that it would be good if the preview was immediate as it makes making fine adjustments more practical.

I think it would also be great if you could enter information via input boxes. The slides are nice but if you’ve got to use specific colours on a project it would be easier simply to enter the hex values! This also goes for sizing – I think the sliders are really useful (and they work well) but free text would give extra control to those that have specific customer demands…

These are small things, and the tool is still fantastic!

Comment by Apple Marketing — March 29, 2007

Now all we need is the Web 2.0 logo generator back online and we can mash ’em up!

Comment by Jeff — March 30, 2007

It’s a cool time saver.

Comment by Matt — April 13, 2007

that’s actually pretty nice. i’ll have to keep that one in mind. took me a sec to figure out to click on the preview, but overall not bad.

Comment by paul — July 24, 2007

Ein Super-Tool!! Manchen Leuten kann man es halt nie recht machen, die sollen erstmal selbst so ein Tool erstellen, dann können sie sich beschweren. Also mir ist es egal ob man zum aktualisieren auf das Feld klicken muss, Hauptsache dieses tolle Tool bleibt noch sehr sehr lange hier im Netz. Ich möchte es nicht mehr hergeben.
Wirklich superklasse und spitze, genau das, was ich gesucht habe. Gibts das auch zum Download? Das wäre super.
Vielen Dank für dieses Tool an den Ersteller!!!!!

Comment by wedeen — September 15, 2007

pretty fun generator, here is another site to make backgrounds same easily but you are allowed to use pictures http://bgpatterns.com

Comment by backgroundsMaster — June 5, 2008

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