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Strobe; A hot new HTML5-touch startup founded by Charles Jolley

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Charles Jolley: “I started working in SproutCore almost 5 years ago because I believe the future of software development lies in native-style apps in the web browser. It is the platform of the future and when that shift change happens, I want to be there with the technology. Now, I believe that time is almost finally upon us. It’s time to double down, and that is why I am leaving Apple.”

Congrats to Charles as he starts a new adventure. At Apple, he lead the charge on the open source SproutCore framework which powers Mobile Me and a bunch more.

He recently showed off SproutCore Touch and with it a killer demo. Instead of just saying “the Web can do as good a job as ‘native’ apps for some purposes” he showed it. He and SproutCore folk were there with two iPads. One had the native iPad NPR app, and the other had a *week long* port to SproutCore Touch. The funny thing…. the touch version performed better and even had a nice hidden feature. If you are listening to NPR and go to another app, it kept playing! Who knew!

For anyone wondering what the new company means for SproutCore, Charles makes it clear:

First, SproutCore is now and will always be totally free and open source. I think this business of charging for a commercial license is not an effective way to grow a project. Sure you make a little cash, but at what expense to the community? My goal is to make SproutCore and all of the developer tools that surround it totally free to everyone. All I ask is that you participate in the community somehow to make things a little better for those who come after you.

Second, now that I am no longer held back by big-company legal restrictions, I am going to be much more involved with the platform. Very soon I will post some new example code. Some others are working on new documentation and build tools to ease that pain as well. Starting this fall, my new company will also start to offer online and in person training and mentoring courses to your team get up to speed quickly. We can also finally get started in that book.

My goal is that by the end of the year, any average developer can pick up SproutCore, build, and deploy a basic app without feeling lost. This is open source and I can’t usually guarantee timelines but at least now we can do what we need to make it happen.

With Strobe he wants to revolutionize “digital publishing”. Put your thinking hats on to noodle on that one. One thing is for clear… it isn’t just about making SproutCore Inc (as he discusses above).

Congrats Charles!

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Off topic, but I thought Dion stepped down as Editor ?

Comment by khnle — July 12, 2010

Congratulation for Charles, wish you all the best mate!

Comment by wildanr — July 12, 2010

khnle: He said he would still post sometimes, just not as regularly.

Comment by MattCoz — July 12, 2010

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