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Struts-Layout Suggest

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The Struts-Layout tag library now allows you to put Suggest fields on your web

It is very easy to use:

You only have to use a simple JSP tag:

<layout:suggest suggestAction=”/getCountrySuggestions” key=”Country”
styleId=”countryField” value=”” />

where “/getCountrySuggestions” is a Struts action in which you instantiate a collection containing the results matching the typed word.

You can easily custom it:

You can use different skins, set the maximum number of returned results, set the timeout or the minimum number of typed characters before getting results…

How to use Suggest field:

Read the tutorial:

More about Struts-Layout:

Struts-Layout is a tag library for struts which provides easy and fast interface
creation. This is achieved by powerful tags which display panels, input fields,
tables, treeviews, sortable lists, datagrids, popups, calendars, etc. With those
tags, the developer have neither need to write nor even know HTML.

Struts-Layout website:

You can find an online demo

Struts Layout

( via François Goldgewicht )

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I just find a problem with layout:suggest, the options suggested doesn´t renders well accents and the “ñ”. I´m spanish.

How can I solve it? Any idea?

Comment by polyphony — May 9, 2006

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