Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Summing Up the Desktop/Homepages

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We’ve been posting a lot of Ajax Desktop/Homepage/Portal websites lately, so it’s nice to see some perpectives from this new publish.com article by Stephen Bryant: Year in Review: AJAX Desktops and Homepages.


I’ve emphasised a few interesting points here. The article begins with the heavyweights:

  • start.com (and live.com): (C)ore features, which are standard among most AJAX home pages, include drag-and-drop content modules, customizable column layout, e-mail integration (Hotmail only) and the ability to save searches … Live.com also features the ability to build your own features though Microsoft Gadgets. Think personalized gaming score trackers, iTunes or Amazon lists, photo browsers, etc.
  • Google IG is a strong and relatively flexible AJAX desktop. The big idea here is to integrate your Gmail account, stock tickers, search history, and local results onto one page. Google IG provides an “edit” button on each module, which, when clicked, reveals additional options.

Then there’s the startups:

  • Of all the competitors in this space, Goowy goes furthest in replicating the desktop metaphor and experience. Goowy has impressive pre-made widgets, including impressive del.icio.us integration that shows a thumbnail of your saved page. There’s a robust gaming interface and contact manager, and several customization options.
  • Netvibes is an elegant and functional homepage … The standout features here are integration with writely.com and bookmark tags.
  • Protopage is an AJAX homepage on steroids. The site offers a wealth of features, but sometimes those features contribute to a crowded space. Protopage tries to overcome that problem with two interesting features: multiple pages and full-size windows. Like Goowy, Protopage also does away with the grid and lets you drag and drop windows willy-nilly.
  • Granted, the service is still in beta, but Eskobo seems little more than a Windows Live knockoff, and most of its features don’t work as advertised.
  • Zoozio is still in pre-beta, and its home page only demonstrates a few standard features. Stay tuned for more. (The article links to a screenshot)

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Impressive. What will the revenue stream ultimately be? Ads? Applications as Services?

When will they take the next step and start adding in WSRP “wwwindows” or an application development platform similar to what Siebel has/had been looking to do.

Comment by Richard Collette — December 13, 2005

Sorry for the non ajax-related comment, but does anyone know what the “ig” stands for in google.com/ig?

Comment by mark — December 13, 2005

I’d really like to know that too!

Comment by James — December 14, 2005

Im using favoor. Why dont you added this site? http://www.favoor.com

Comment by kamil — February 10, 2006

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