Friday, January 27th, 2006

Sun Developer Channel: 15 minute video on Ajax

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SDN Channel

Sun invited some its own team, and some outside of town to put together a fun little video on Ajax.

The 15 minute video contains:

My video was done remotely, with green screens, and man its looks funny ;)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:36 pm

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Who’s that weird looking guy on the TV screen? Looks like a nerd… =)

Comment by jaredmellentine — January 27, 2006

I was excited to watch this video, then I realized that I was missing the Real plugin.

What a content delivery strategy.

Shouldn’t Sun be delivering video via Java in the browser? Ala Surely Java has a higher market penetration than RealPlayer… second only to Flash.

Sorry about being critical. It just seems kind of ridiculous. But then again, I’m not a Java developer, so perhaps I’m not in their target audience.

Comment by Bradley — January 27, 2006

O’hell no, I’m not investing my PC with the real junk. No way. I’m sure it’s a nice reel, but no way.

Comment by cody lindley — January 28, 2006

Nothing ‘fun’ about a video when Real is involved. I second the ridiculous comment.

“Real has raised antisocial software to an art form.”

Real Player Sucks

Comment by Quirk — January 28, 2006

Real Player Alternative
Plays real player without all the junk

Comment by Mario — January 29, 2006

quit whining and install mplayer –

Comment by wooyay — January 29, 2006

Boy, no kidding about Real. The silly video konks out part way through and then it takes forever to get back to where it konked out. Happens half the time with things in Real format. For usability, it should only be used for very short items. Of course, this is a general problem with streaming video. Ajaxian got it right: let the user download the content, and play it–without konking out–at the time of their choice.

Comment by John — January 29, 2006

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“There is enormous innovation in our economy — no doubt,” said James Melcher, founder of the New York City-based hedge fund, Balestra Capital Management, in an interview with Wireless World. “It’s incredible. But there are problems. Why are countries with only 40 percent of the world’s population (e.g., China) graduating ten times as many engineers and scientists as we are? Why are our schools pumping out so many lawyers? There is no value-added in legal work.” By Gene Koprowski

Comment by Ted Smith — January 29, 2006

Anyway, I spawned the Real topic not to knock the RealPlayer. I don’t criticize those who think it sucks, either. Real Alternative is also great solution that I use frequently.

My point was that Sun is deploying Real video. To me that’s like Microsoft deploying QuickTime.

Does anybody have an intelligent perspective on why Sun might go this route? I’m more interested in why, from a business perspective, this move is logical.

Comment by Bradley — January 29, 2006

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Hi There,

I am interested to watch the Sun Developer Video on Ajax. I work with Mac OSX and use Safari as my browser. When I tried to watch the video I get a request to download a Real Player plugin which seems to be a trial version of their player.
Having had a bad software experience with Reals products in the past is their any other option to watch the video ?


Jim .

Comment by Jim Ascroft — February 5, 2006

Jim, I definitely suggest that you e-mail the Sun people:

They can probably better help you with your issue. I wrote a brief letter with my thoughts and a link to this article, and a friendly developer responded with very good insights as to why Real is in use.

Good luck.

Comment by Bradley — February 7, 2006

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