Friday, June 16th, 2006

Sun joins Open Ajax Initiative and Dojo Foundation

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Sun has put its hat in the ring and joined both the Open Ajax Initiative, and the Dojo Foundation.

From the press release:

As part of the OpenAJAX Alliance, Sun will collaborate with over 30 other member companies and organizations to identify and consolidate best practices, reach a consensus on programming models around a reference implementation for tools interoperability and generate wider AJAX adoption throughout the industry.

Sun is also a new sponsor of the prestigious Dojo Foundation and will participate in the Dojo Toolkit project. The Dojo Foundation is a non-profit organization for JavaScript(TM) programming and the Dojo Toolkit is an open source JavaScript toolkit for making professional web development faster and easier. As part of the Dojo Toolkit project, Sun will be contributing AJAX widgets, helping with internationalization efforts and refining documentation. Greg Murray, Sun’s AJAX Architect, will be one of the people representing Sun as a member of the Dojo Foundation.

“We’re looking forward to Sun’s involvement in helping to mature the Toolkit. Sun’s support of the Dojo Foundation, inclusion of Rhino in the upcoming Java(TM) Platform Standard Edition 6 and recent release of Project Phobos underline a commitment to a better future for both users and developers,” said Alex Russell, current president of the Dojo Foundation.

This shows that Sun is putting even more effort into becoming a leader on the Ajax side, and the more help Dojo gets, the better!

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I heard the docs for Dojo is abysmal. How can people go gaga over a framework with bad docs?


Comment by Mats Henricson — June 17, 2006

Dynapi is a better lib, but it’s dead now.
Dojo is only one of many libs in Ajax age, but it’s a commercial winner.
There are some better framework in my view, such as jQuery, jsLINB..
buy no money they’ll dead as Dynapi…

Comment by Widgets — June 17, 2006


As that article state’s, dojo is a non-profit organisation.
You should read

The docs are horrible BUT,

If you go through the source, the code is very clean and looks more like enterprise level stuff rather then messy open source. There’s some object oriented overkill, but dojo has strong backing so if your interested in AJAX, i think it’s safe to say that digging into the framework is a good move.

Comment by Jonathan Bond-Caron — June 17, 2006

[…] Sun joins Open Ajax Initiative and Dojo Foundation Como flamante parte de la aliancia OpenAJAX, Sun colaborará con más de otras compañías y organizaciones miembro para identificar y consolidar prácticas y obtener un consenso en modelos de programación dentro de una implementación de referencia para (tags: ajax sun) […]

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Oh GEEZUS… Sun is going to step in, standardize everything and in the process create a huge monstrosity like J2EE (or worse yet, roll it into the J2EE specification) that developers shy away from whenever possible.

Ajax is doomed.

Comment by Anon — June 18, 2006

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