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Survey on Ajax IDEs and development

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We have been doing various surveys with Richard Monson-Haefel and the Burton Group. We just did one on frameworks that the community uses.

This time around, we want to see what IDEs and tools people are using. To make sure that we have the right tools on the list, we first wanted to ask for feedback on the core list itself. If you see an omission, leave a comment, and we will get the survey ready shortly.

  • Dreamweaver
  • Standard Eclipse (JST, WST, or ATF)
  • MyEclipse
  • CFEclipse
  • Zend IDE
  • Aptana IDE
  • JSEclipse
  • WebSphere/Rational AD
  • IntelliJ
  • Visual Studio
  • MS Expression Web
  • Morphik AppsBuilder
  • PrimalScript
  • Textmate
  • GoLive
  • Textpad
  • BBEdit
  • Komodo IDE
  • EditPlus
  • Vi
  • Emacs
  • jEdit
  • Notepad
  • HomeSite
  • Ultraedit
  • SlickEdit

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You might want to include PHPEclipse and PDT Project.

Comment by filiptepper — January 4, 2008

Editors I’m missing are Intype (, E-TextEditor (, Coda ( and Notepad++ ( Maybe more editors will come in mind, but these are the ones I’m missing for now. :)

Comment by mauricesnip — January 4, 2008

PSPad and EditPad are two more that I use. I wonder how relevant Nvu is to this survey. It’s a good tool for really quick and dirty prototyping if you’re on a budget.

Comment by Joeri — January 4, 2008

Does anyone uses Vi for ajax development??

We use Vim 7.0 here, with appropriate macros, completition etc… Since it’s highly configurable, it can do refactoring even in loosely typed languages like javascript, where the usual IDEs fail to do such.

Comment by Adam Nemeth — January 4, 2008

Will I be correct in thinking that Vi will accommodate all vi/vim/elvis/nvi users out there?

Comment by Viktor Kojouharov — January 4, 2008

Komodo Edit (striped down free as in beer variant of Komodo, more an editor than an IDE)
Quanta Plus

Comment by Albin — January 4, 2008

on mac os x:

TextWrangler (the small brother of BBEdit)

Comment by aurora — January 4, 2008

I use gedit from time to time.

Comment by psychiccyberfreak — January 4, 2008

You might want to include Nvu, it’s an IDE basically for Linux, there are versions for windows and mac too.

Comment by sebasgt — January 4, 2008

I still dont have clear ideas about an EDITOR/IDE, so:

– gedit
– vim (if I cant use gnome)

on MAC:
– trying CODA (Panic
– trying APTANA
– vim

on PC:
– Notepad2 (
– trying VisualStudio 2005 (with VS.php
– trying Rapid PHP (


Comment by AndyJ — January 4, 2008

I use rainbow9 ( and gedit..

Comment by azer — January 4, 2008

EditPad pro

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — January 4, 2008

Spket IDE –

Comment by ericsuen — January 4, 2008

nano on linux

Comment by web freak — January 4, 2008

SciTE – for quicky things

Comment by gossi — January 4, 2008

Don’t forget Notepad++

Comment by Les — January 4, 2008

How about Programmers Notedpad. I quite like it.

Comment by Shahid Shah — January 4, 2008

Smultron. Gotta love it. ^_^

Coda isnt too shabby either I hear ;)

Comment by Carbon43 — January 4, 2008

oops. made a spelling mistake, it’s Programmers Notepad.

While I’m hear I like to put in a word for HTML-Kit. It’s a nifty program which can be expanded for other languages.

Comment by Shahid Shah — January 4, 2008

I second Gedit. It’s my editor of choice.

With plugins enabled it’s quite comprable to textmate in linux.

Comment by danboy — January 4, 2008

I would include NetBeans 6, as a lot of Rails programmers are using it nowadays.

Comment by bosmeeuw — January 4, 2008

I use WeBuilder.
It picked up where Homesite stopped. (Favorite for years.) I use TopStyle sometimes too.

Comment by GlenLipka — January 4, 2008


Comment by Aaron — January 4, 2008

I use xcode – it’s actually really nice for javascript development – out of the box it does code completion and syntax highlighting (just like the others) and you can customize and configure it to do even more…for example, I use it to “build” a dojo release.

Comment by toonetown — January 4, 2008

Notepad++ on Windows and TextWrangler on OSX. I tried TextMate and it turns out to be a pretty mediocre text editor, suprising considering all the hype. Coda is neat too, but both fall well short of my needs.

I need a Notepad++ port for OSX :(

Comment by Gavin — January 4, 2008

I use Zend Studio for projects, but Notepad++ for the quick and dirty.

Comment by Bundus — January 4, 2008

TIBCO GI. AFAICT, its the only complete IDE that runs *in the browser*, ie, eats its own dogfood.

Comment by renodino — January 4, 2008

TSW WebCoder 2007 is my favorite. It does very well for PHP, CSS and Javascript, and is very configurable. The creator is working on a more PHP-centric version as well which he will call “TSW phpCoder 2008”.

Comment by ToadskinSuitcase — January 4, 2008

I use Visual Studio 2005. I didn’t see Delphi for PHP on the list

Comment by sqville — January 4, 2008

I also say Notepad++

Comment by gimbles — January 4, 2008

Always the newest version of Visual Studio for any technologies that it natively supports, E-TextEditor for almost everything else, SciTE for small jobs since its much lighter weight than both E and Visual Studio. TextMate or VIM when I’m on OS X. For some reason, I never got into TextMate as much as I’ve gotten into E (even though E is a Windows clone of TextMate). E’s visual undo history system is spectacular though, I don’t know how I could live without it.

I avoid Eclipse variants or any other Java-based IDE because they are too resource hungry.

Comment by Andy Kant — January 4, 2008

Where’s PhpED? It’s hands down the best IDE I’ve worked with, I can’t imagine Ajax programming with a PHP backend without it. (Php command line anyone?)

Comment by tj111 — January 4, 2008

JBoss Developer Studio

Comment by maxa — January 4, 2008

I just have to follow about the e-texteditor. It’s frightening, I’m a hardcore mac user since some time, but ‘e’ is so good that I feel no shame booting up a WinXP VM everytime just to use it. It’s that good, honestly.

Comment by pbakaus — January 4, 2008

PHPEdit. Commercial, not particularly attractive, but the fastest of the great PHP editors.

Comment by Steve Clay — January 4, 2008

Technically most of that list really isn’t “integrated development environments”, or…?
I mean Notepad…?
Fact is from a “pure” point of view even Dreamweaver isn’t a true IDE…!

Thomas Hansen – – No JavaScript Ajax Library (YES, TRULY)

Comment by Thomas Hansen — January 4, 2008

Tools – only JEdit (god bless it). Notepad++ somehow always messes encodings
IDEs – only Eclipse (and only for server side). Btw, is it a blasphemy if I mention FlashDevelop here? I know it’s not Ajax, but at least it handles asynchronous xml data flow managed by sort of Ecma script language… And it does it really well.

Comment by mare — January 4, 2008


Comment by luosheng1986 — January 4, 2008


Comment by JulesJ — January 5, 2008


Comment by SilvioSantoZ — January 5, 2008

Another vote for Webuilder – superb piece of software:

Comment by tomsusweb — January 5, 2008


Comment by Maad416 — January 6, 2008

It’s old but don’t forget arachnophilia.
Leopards Dashcode is a good editor.

Comment by sekostar — January 7, 2008


Comment by bernardo — January 7, 2008

Can’t forget ConTEXT

Comment by EdtheMLB — January 7, 2008

Aptana Studio 1.0+

Comment by TommyMaintz — January 7, 2008


Comment by Jamie — January 8, 2008


Comment by Chris Phillips — January 11, 2008

Dreamweaver :)

Comment by Fernstudium — April 14, 2009

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