Thursday, September 18th, 2008

SVG Effects on HTML

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Sticking with SVG news…. Robert O’Callahan of Mozilla has shown SVG effects for HTML:

A while back, I announced work on applying SVG effects to HTML content. The idea is to make the SVG ‘clip-path‘, ‘mask‘ and ‘filter‘ CSS properties apply to non-SVG elements as well as SVG elements.

This work landed on trunk last week. I’ve also submitted my proposal to the SVG WG for standardization. I hope that they’ll like it; there aren’t many degrees of freedom here, for example there’s no new syntax to decide on, so there’s not much to fight over :-). And it’s good for SVG to be able to use its effects more broadly. We’ll change our implementation to match whatever the WG decides.

Unfortunately we don’t yet support external document references, so the elements describing SVG effects have to live in the same document as the elements to which they’re applied. This limits the usefulness of these effects in regular (non-XHTML) HTML for now. But we’ll fix that so that the effects can live in an external SVG file.

Check out these demos in trunk builds:

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