Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

SVG Video: Now playing on a standard near you

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Chris Double has posted a SVG video tag demo that plays a port of a Silverlight demo.

As you watch videos playing, you can move, resize, and rotate the canvases. All via:

  1. <video id="svg_v1" src=""></video>

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:05 am

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Oooooh nice!!!

Comment by scriptkiddie — August 22, 2007

this is a whole new paradigm – resizing by rotating :) or maybe it’s just sloppy vector math… but impressive all the same. the most impressive thing is that the javascript looks really easy, so you don’t need to read manuals before coding. but where are the videos? these are images from flickr

Comment by dskgj — August 22, 2007

…inspiring. Great demo.

Comment by Mark Holton — August 22, 2007

@dskgj… have a look at buishcoder blog, he explains everthing.

Comment by Amirouche — August 22, 2007

@dskgj, I’ll be putting the video.svg I used to make the video up this weekend. I’ve delayed it as I’ve not pushed the firefox video element source code patches to my repository yet with the changes required to run it.

You can get earlier builds and examples from:

Comment by Chris Double — August 22, 2007

Here’s the current spec on the video element:

Comment by Weston Ruter — August 22, 2007

Quite nice demo, give new dimension to the web. But which browsers gona to support the video tag except firefox? (As i am working on web applications and most of users are using IE)

Comment by Charlie Cheng — August 22, 2007

Charlie, You should let Microsoft know if you want to see the video element in IE. The more people that ask, the more likely it is they will implement it.

Failing that you can use something like mv_embed:

Comment by Chris Double — August 23, 2007

excellent work nice to see.

Comment by peepo — August 23, 2007

nice to have silverlight on the web :)

Comment by Rio — August 23, 2007

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