Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Symfony Firebug Extension: Firesymfony

Category: Debugging, PHP

Alvaro Videla just wrote in to tell us about Firesymfony, a Firebug extension that provides an alternative to Symfony’s built-in web debug toolbar.

sometimes the toolbar position makes impossible to use some features of the layout of our website, like a link menu on the top right corner. It also happens that while we display a small popup with the resize functionality disabled it’s turns hard to access all the data displayed by the toolbar.

The solution I’ve came up with is to move all the data from the toolbar to Firebug, actually, to port the symfony web debug toolbar as a Firebug extension. This will remove the toolbar from the page html and will show it in a convenient place that almost every web developer is used to.

Taking advantage from the cool new features of symfony 1.2 I started a project to develop a symfony plugin to send the data to the Firebug extension. The later has been smartly called FireSymfony.

Alvaro has another blog post that talks more about the first release.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 10:58 am

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With so many Firebug plugins coming out, I’m starting to wonder if it doesn’t make sense for Firefox to be bundled with Firebug (in its stock disabled configuration) by default. It’s such a solid, active platform and so much of a reason for Firefox being a major target for developers, it makes a lot of sense for them to include it by default.

Maybe with a nicer icon so that it fits better with the OS-specific chromes.

Comment by eyelidlessness — October 2, 2008

Firebug is also a source of some weird bugs and slow-downs in Firefox. Not to blame any of Firebug authors (they do their best to optimize it). This small impact on performance and stability is the price we developers are paying willingly, but it may be just too high for an average user.

Comment by ingdir — October 2, 2008

@ingdir: But it’s OK that developers pay prize rather we let our clients suffer due to any bug. :)

Comment by kadnan — October 2, 2008

@ingdir: That’s fine, because Firebug is disabled by default, even when you install it manually. It needn’t even be immediately visible to users, it could be accessible in preferences or replace the pisspoor standard error console.

Comment by eyelidlessness — October 3, 2008

@eyelidlessness: Instead of throwing firebug in with firefox (disabled), it would be better if firefox offered a dev download that incl. firebug & web dev toolbar, etc.

Comment by BenRowe — October 5, 2008

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