Thursday, October 6th, 2005

SynchroEdit: YAWYSIWYG-Live Editor

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SynchroEdit is another editor on the block:

SynchroEdit is an open-source browser-based simultaneous multiuser editor, a form of same-time, different-place groupware. It allows multiple users to edit a single web-based document at the same time, and it continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always have the same version.

SynchroEdit’s main editor is fully WYSIWYG, dynamically displaying bolds, italics, underlines, strikethroughs, with various justifications, indents and listing styles as an author inputs them. SynchroEdit also supports a simple, text-only editor for more basic documents. To clarify the multiuser experience, the editor window clearly depicts every user’s changes in a specific color and also marks where each user is currently editing with a colored flag listing the user’s name.

When we talked to JotSpot’s Abe Fettig it was interesting to hear about their non-polling approach.

SynchroEdit is obviously trying to do similar work to get the realtime liveness:

This week we are focused on removing the requirement to use a signed javascript for the connection from the server. Instead, we are attempting to use an odd variant of XmlHttpRequest where we force the server connection to the client to remain interactive and never close (i.e. keep readystate == 3). As soon as this is complete we will move toward allowing a web service approach for establishing new SynchroEdit documents.

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