Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Synchronous Calls and Browser Freezes

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Mark Pruett did some experimenting with a hypothesis:

After launching a synchronous call, other browser windows or tabs will be frozen, and the asynchronous calls will not be serviced until the sync call completes.

For my experiment, I open up a browser window, then open a second browser window using the “New Window” menu option. This will (hopefully) assure that both windows are part of the same browser process.

In window #1, I load my synchronous test and start a server request with a delay of 60 seconds. In window #2, I load the asynchronous test with each of the five tests set to three seconds.

The results showed that browsers are playing nicely. Almost. Firefox didn’t past the test in the current stable versions, but the nightly build was later tested and it was happy.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:59 am

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Michael did already a lot of these tests, nothing new. He said always don’t use tabs, and that he doesn’t like tabs… see his post dealing with tabs and only one browser instance:

Comment by Oliver — January 31, 2007

So because he doesn’t like tabs, the issue doesn’t exist? I don’t like paying taxes. As more less-tech-savvy people start using Firefox and IE7 tab are going to become more and more prevalent. The original point is certainly valid.

Comment by Dan — February 1, 2007

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