Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

SynthaSite: WYSIWYG Site Editor

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SynthaSite has joined the crowd of tools that are trying to marry online tools with WYSIWYG simplicity.

Instead of creating a website offline, and sync’ing it up to a server, you edit and create the site online.

At this point, I would settle for a tool that lets me work in standards mode, and puts in all of the cross browser hacks to make it work throughout. This is after spending way too much time recently futzing with CSS.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:06 am

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Thanks for the post Dion. We’re planning to keep all of the components we develop in-house standards compliant. In the future we’re also going to let the public add widgets to the platform, so it’ll be up to them what standards they have.
For end users (those not adding widgets), you’ll be happy to know, we’re doing our absolute best to hide css completely. You’ll just change some properties in our properties toolbar.
No more css hacks… potentially no more css at all :)

Comment by Peter Slaven — June 5, 2007

Oh my god it’s look great
i quickly test it
using picture not very easy (but the concept loook very very attractive)
thx for the infos ;)


Comment by Ethocom — June 5, 2007

cool indeed

Comment by Liming Xu — June 5, 2007

Dion – have you tried the IE7 js lib? Gets rid of a few headaches at least.

Comment by Ben — June 5, 2007

It slowed my browser down to a halt. I think that the responsiveness of the application needs work, else it should be left to the desktop to process.

The site looked and felt just like a desktop app which is a plus. However, common tasks such as loading templates for a new page were excruciatingly slow. My attention span dwindled after that.

Comment by DarkArbiter — June 5, 2007

I tested it.Cool features.

Comment by Pavithra — June 6, 2007

This has helped me a lot.. thanks a lot

Comment by Stallon — June 7, 2007

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