Friday, January 6th, 2006

Taconite 1.5 Released

Category: Toolkit

In November we announced Taconite 1.0, and now in 2006 the Taconite team has released version 1.5.

What’s new in 1.5

  • Updated method toQueryString in taconite-client.js so that if no name attribute exists, the id attribute is used as the name in the query string.
  • Updated method createXMLHttpRequest in taconite-client.js to use the new Microsoft ActiveX object, if it exists.
  • Updated method sendRequest in taconite-client.js to fix a bug in Firefox when using POST.
  • Added method addNamedFormElementsByFormID to taconite-client.js. This method is similar to addNamedFormElements except it filters by a particular form ID.
  • The taconite-parser.js file was completely rewritten. It no longer generates JavaScript which was eval’d to produce the desired response. Instead, the DOM is traversed and the appropriate inserts/updates happen as needed. The result is *significantly* improved performance and better tolerance for special characters like double quotes.
  • A new action called taconite-set-attributes was added to the java-script parser. This allows you to specify attributes that will be set on the context object.
  • Method setAsync added to taconite-client.js. This method takes a boolean indicating if the Ajax request should be sent asynchronously. True by default.
  • Method setErrorHandler added to taconite-client.js. This method takes a function as it’s parameter. The function will be called if the server’s HTTP response is other than 200.
  • If echoDebug is enabled, the HTTP status code and status text is listed at the top of the top of the “Server Response” text area.

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