Wednesday, December 14th, 2005


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Tagworld takes social tagging to the extreme, and has Ajax effects all over the place.

A very nice style search lets you narrow down results with simple sliders and the like.

A clean rich editor allows you to add markup without the markup.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:27 am

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agh . . SPAM alert. Site looks slick, kind of slow. Too bad they blow it by having the same “member” I don’t know send me 15 messages in 5 days.

Comment by trostki — January 5, 2006

Rumor has it that myspace is coming out with a better version of there site on another domain sometime in early march it will be another social networking community site with alot more features even then tagworld. I guess to stay ahead of other sites coming out like also i heard it will be called i guess well just have to see if FriendWise happens.

Comment by tagworld — February 13, 2006

Rumor has it that is coming out with a better version august 20th 2006

Comment by Brian cliff — August 15, 2006

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