Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

“Take It With You” Wiki

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Julien Couvreur’s been busy working on a new style of wiki. The “Take It With You” (TIWY) wiki lets you work offline and online. When online, it will persist to the server. When offline, it will save locally via Flash, then sync later on.

Try the TiwyWiki Demo

Cool! An Ajax app you can use on the proverbial offline airplane, but still access from the proverbial online cafe. It’s Flash for now, but IE (or at least Atlas) and Firefox teams have both mentioned plans for similar offline storage. Julien’s announcement asks where this hybrid model might come in handy.

This is just the skeleton of a wiki, but it gives a feeling of the possibilities of web applications that can deal gracefully with being intermittantly disconnected. I’m especially interested in hearing back about whether this approach is valuable to you, in comparison to the traditional web and rich client models.
What other applications you’d find most appealing and why?
Here are the ones I brainstormed so far: a personal wiki, various other personal or group GTD tools (such as todo list or calendar), a community wiki, an email reader and/or composer, a blog editor, an RSS reader, an app for driving directions.

All good applications. In addition, there are opportunities in specialised industries (sales reps, travelling nurses, etc.). Another thing would be an Ajax photo album. Music and video players might also get very interesting if the offline storage is unrestricted.

It’s nice to see a few Ajax UI features make it onto a wiki as well, even though this is just an early demo. For starters, changing pages doesn’t force a page refresh, and yes, it’s still possible for pages to have unique URLs! You can flip in and out of editing mode, and create a new page, without a page refresh too.

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Supposedly IE has had local storage since version 5, but I haven’t tried it out:

Comment by Tom — January 18, 2006

Can’t see why you would want to use such a setup when you can use GTD Tiddly Wiki:

No flash needed, just JavaScript.


Comment by Mats Henricson — January 19, 2006

Mats- have you seen how TiddlyWiki saves? It is very intrusive and cumbersome. Automagically saving with Flash under the covers is a nice solution and one I’ll be employing in one of my apps coming soon. :)

Comment by David — January 19, 2006

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