Friday, December 16th, 2005

Teacher! An Ajax Grading App!

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From the vertical Ajax department comes Teacher! (via Digg), an Ajax grading app. It’s a clean, simple, app with plenty of well-considered Ajax features. Note, though, the server seems to be running a bit sluggish right now.

Ajax should be a big thing for education – any other apps out there?

Seriously. You’ve got kids to teach.
Don’t waste time on busy-work. Teacher! is your lighting-quick online gradebook.

  • Set up a classroom in seconds.
    No complicated forms, just put in your class list and go!

  • Do things your way.
    Use your own grading system; letters, percentages, checkmarks, it’s all good.

  • Great-looking student reports will save you time when grades are due.


On a separate note, one interesting feature is the use of Yellow Fade Technique. What’s a bit different here is that it’s based on mouse rollovers – table cells are highlighted on mouseover, then fade out when you mouse out. It creates a nice afterglow trail. Only, I found the delay a little long, making it a bit difficult to see what was actually highlighted. To that end, I refactored the AjaxPatterns Custom Spotlight Demo to demo the effect and play around with the params. Here’s the demo. (The underlying effects are generated by a tinny little fader object that’s far from perfect, but I think you’ll get the idea.)


Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 6:10 am

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While it is an interesting idea I think that having a demo application for teachers that has a typo in the screenshot is probably a bad thing.

Another problem that I have with it is the gratuitous use of the fade on mouseover. Fades should be used as a visual cue and not just for eye candy and in its current form it is no better than those old fireworks cursors and other useless effects that had been popular in the past.

Still this application can certainly be of great use.

Comment by John McKnight — December 16, 2005

let’s be honest: almost everything about this app sucks.

you don’t often see them as bad as this.

an old url comes to mind:

Comment by lon — December 16, 2005

That’s a sweet app! Really easy to use and super fast (maybe they changes something since you tried it).
I like that it gets rid of all the complicated stuff most grading apps force you to do.

Comment by asilver — December 16, 2005

no, it’s really bad.

everything jumps around as soon as you mouse over it. it’s very disturbing and makes it hard aiming at something you want.

some texts (like cancel) are almost unreadable because of the color versus background color

you can’t change grades using the keyboard only, you have to use the mouse, making it really slow to use.

i get an error trying to edit a grade:


A Runtime Error has occurred.
Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 457
Error: ‘effect.colors_base’ is null or not an object

Yes No

trying to edit a student gives me: nope!

should i go on?

it’s not usable. it’s a pet project of someone who is learning about HTLM and AjaxScript.
nice but nothing more.

Comment by lon — December 16, 2005

First, thanks for mentioning Teacher! on the blog…I wasn’t expecting it to get any attention so early on.

Second, Ion, what browser/platform are you on? I haven’t run into some of the bugs you’re describing in my tests on FF1.5 on Mac or Windows. If you give me some more info it may help me fix the problems.

Third, you can edit grades using the keyboard, you can tab, shift-tab and use the arrow keys to move around the grades table.

Thanks for trying out the application, I think it’s going to be a good tool for a lot people.

Comment by bruno — December 16, 2005

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