Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Tech Luminaries: Interview with Brendan Eich

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Ben and Brendan

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Dion and I have been wanting to do a podcast series for a long time that is more casual then Audible Ajax–just chatting with some of the luminaries in tech about their careers and such. We collected some content quite a ways back and have finally gotten around to releasing some of it over on TechLuminaries.com.

We think our first episode may be of interest to the Ajaxian community: we interview Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s CTO. As you know, Brendan invented JavaScript and helps steer its evolution both in his role at Mozilla working on a JS implementation and in his participation with the ECMA committee overseeing JavaScript’s future.

We recorded this long before we ever considered coming to Mozilla, which casts a weird perspective on the interview. Hope you enjoy it.

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*can’t download mp3*
Is the file server down or is it just me?

Comment by TNO — December 16, 2008

I can’t get to it either, looks like the hosting server isn’t offering it up.

Comment by mpcm — December 16, 2008

Works now

Comment by TNO — December 17, 2008

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