Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Telly Listings

Category: Showcase, UI

A simple TV guide has been created for the bare bones UK channels at Telly Listings.

The UI is a little strange in the clicking and mouseover actions.

You can see how things could be taken from here though to provide an easy way to select the channels that you care about, navigate around them, and see what is going on.

TiVo lets me setup recordings from their interface, and it could be ajaxified to be even better. I would prefer to setup recordings from a nice clean web UI than via my TV. Entering words is a painful experience via a ‘normal’ remote.

Telly Listings

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:27 am
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The heading on the site looks great, and is styled in a nice modern way, but then you look at the tv listings. It looks awful, and the javascript isn’t done particulary well, for example in IE (yes i know…) if you click on a listing, the popup appears, but then if you move the mouse, the popup suddenly jumps closer to your mouse. Great idea, but needs much more work

Comment by Sam Benskin — August 24, 2006

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