Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

The 2007 Ajax Turkeys

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Dietrich Kappe has posted up a list of what he feels are the Ajax Turkeys of 2007:

Every American school child has heard vague rumors that Ben Franklin once suggested that the Turkey would make a better national symbol than the Bald Eagle. What they haven’t heard, of course, is that the Turkey is “though a little vain and silly, a Bird of Courage,” compared to the Bald Eagle which was “a Bird of bad moral Character.” I wouldn’t put too much stock in old Ben’s suggestions, though. After all, he once proposed that the Rattlesnake was the most appropriate symbol of America’s temper and conduct.

So in the end it is still appropriate to use the Turkey as a symbol of failure or incompetence.

His list includes GMail 2.0 & ECMAScript 4 so he’s not holding back any punches here. :)

Check out his posting for the full list and the reasons that he feels that they’re not up to snuff.

Posted by Rey Bango at 11:31 am

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Dietrich, it took me a whole day to answer on this.
– ES4 is the only spark that we have on JS. I like the heated discussion, and it will surely yield results.
– GMail2 is a direct result of user-centric and marketing-driven development. Every company that tries to serve first and do the basics later suffers that fate.
– Both jQuery and mooTools are great ;-)
– the real Ajax turkey is that even Million$ companies don´t seem to have the money to really dig into JS. googleWhatever is the best sample for it. All I see is eye candy, but no substance.
My $0.02 of course.
Cheers, Frankie

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — November 22, 2007

And BTW and CC: you should really get rid of those errors firefox presents me with when I go to this site – google, right?

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — November 22, 2007

Firebug, sry

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — November 22, 2007

in other news:
ron paul condemns the war on terror.

Comment by mhr — November 23, 2007

Re-reading my comment: I should apologize to google – it is not all eye-candy ;-) its just unbelievable what some of their sites do to the global namespace – brrr.

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — November 23, 2007


But he doesn’t condemn neonazis. Pretty well neutralizes any potential support from Semitic ol’ me.

Comment by Trevor — November 23, 2007

Thinwire is an excellent framework, great community and improving every day. Maybe he should get his fact right, many ways to not have to specify specify position and calculate height and width of every widget..

With so blatant error I would dismiss the whole article.

Comment by Pether Sorling — November 29, 2007

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