Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

The Ajax Experience Draws Close: July 25-27th

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The Ajax Experience is drawing really close. I am excited to get together with everyone on July 25-27th in San Francisco to talk all things Ajax.

Ben and I will be giving our traditional State of Ajax talk, and as we look over the time between the last show and this one quite a lot has changed.

When Ajax took off it was a great boon for JavaScript/Web hackers. Suddenly we were taken serious again, and it wasn’t all about the server-side folk (of course, many of us are also server side folk!).

Now the world keeps expanding. We want from small components such as auto complete widgets, to rich forms, to “oh, we can now make a really nice experience for our users”, to the phone (iPhone, Nokia, etc), to the desktop (Dashboard, Google Desktop Gadgets, Yahoo! Widgets) and offline (AIR, Google Gears, Dekoh), to applications within online platforms (Google Gadgets, Facebook) to the server (Rhino, Helma, Phobos, …) and more.

JavaScript and Ajax is everywhere. Let’s get together and really think about how we can help the overall user experience, and push things to the next level.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:27 pm

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That sounds like fun, Dion. How much does it cost?

Comment by Garrett — July 10, 2007

I sure would LOVE to come out again ;)

Comment by Ian — July 10, 2007

Looking forward to the event. Where would I be able to find the podcast of the event??? Do you have any kind of literature for the San Fransisco event?

Comment by beyondwww — July 11, 2007

Reg is $1395 & you can get info on this year’s content on the conference site, http://www.ajaxexperience.com. There’s also some stuff from last year’s sessions in the “Resources” section.

Comment by AC — July 11, 2007

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