Friday, August 29th, 2008

The Ajax Experience Framework Summit

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We talked a few months ago about something new we’re doing at the Ajax Experience this year: the “Framework Summit.” Basically, we’re providing space for Prototype, jQuery, and Dojo to hold their own half-day events on-site, and these events are free and open to the general public.

Since we announced the summit, the frameworks have created their agendas for their events for their events:

Dojo Developer Day:

– Welcome, Introductions (Alex Russell, Dylan Schiemann)
– Tutorial – Progressive Dojo (Peter Higgins)
– Presentation – DojoX GFX and FX (Matthew Russell)
– Presentation – Secrets of DojoX (Tom Trenka)
– Tutorial – Getting going … Zend + Dojo (Matthew O’Phinney)
– Tutorial – Dijit Layouts In and Out (Nikolai Onken)
– Tutorial – Reusable code, Widgeting (Peter Higgins)
– Community – Getting Involved (Peter Higgins, Nikolai Onken)
– Lightning Demos – What do you have? Show us.

Prototype Developer Day

– Welcome, Introductions (Prototype Core members)
– Contributing docs (Christophe Porteneuve)
– Contributing code (Andrew Dupont)
– Prototype & Performance
– Extended Q&A (Prototype Core members)

jQuery Developer Day

– State of jQuery (Rey Bango)
– Progressively Enhancing the User Experience Using jQuery (Karl Swedberg)
– An In-Depth Look at jQuery UI (Paul Bakaus)
– jQuery Team Code Review (jQuery Team)

Other Frameworks?

Some have asked why we didn’t also include Framework X, Y, and Z at the summit. We have a simple answer: we only had room for three frameworks so we choose the three most popular frameworks (according to every survey we’ve seen). If the concept is successful this time around, we hope to do it on a bigger scale next year.

Obviously we hope you can make it to the entire Ajax Experience event, but if you can’t do that, consider coming to one of the Framework Summit events. See you there!

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In other words MooTools is getting snubbed :P

Comment by RobRobRob — August 29, 2008

Why is it that every time that there is some big thing going on with these client side frameworks mootools is never on the list??

Comment by wanfu — August 29, 2008

because the word “moo” is in the title and no one likes cows.

Comment by ilazarte — August 29, 2008

@ilazarte: I think most people like cows…
ubuntu:~# apt-get moo
/ | ||
* /\---/\
~~ ~~
...."Have you mooed today?"...

Comment by muhqu — August 29, 2008

according to every survey we’ve seen

Why not (also) a poll on this blog before the Ajax Experience ?

Comment by bazzilla — August 29, 2008

I think, people are looking for all-in-one AJAX frameworks and hence smaller players get snubbed. Dojo, YUI, extJS etc. are full featured frameworks — you can do everything from DOM manipulation, AJAX queries, etc. to develop full featured UI controls — and hence naturally get themselves ahead in the queue. While it is possible to mix and match, you will have to learn multiple syntax. At least, that is why we chose Dojo :-)

Having said that, the Dojo core is a great package and it appears that Dijit is kind of bloated. It is a little bit of a challenge to optimize runtime performance, especially if you have a lot of controls in the page. So, while the AJAX frameworks have come a long way, they have a long way to go when it comes to runtime performance.

Comment by Rags — August 29, 2008

Just noticed that there is a session by Aaron Newton on Mootools on the third day at AJAX Experience. So, it is not snubbed after all.

Comment by Rags — August 29, 2008

“according to every survey we’ve seen” – can you give some urls to these surveys? I was looking for this type of info a few weeks ago and came across the survey that THIS site did. Ext JS was # 3 on that survey and Dojo just barely made it in the top 10.

1-Prototype (34.1%)
2-jQuery (29.3%)
3-Ext JS (22.5%)
4-Script-aculo-us (22.3%)
5-Mootools (14.3%)
6-NONE (13%)
6-YUI (13%)
8-JSON (12.9%)
9-Dojo (11.8%)

Comment by jratcliff — August 31, 2008

Please add ExtJS.

Comment by KKFC — August 31, 2008

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