Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The Ajax side of AIR

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<p>AIR 1.5 has been released at MAX this week.

For the folks that like to write AIR apps that at least have some JavaScript, you will be happy to see that WebKit has been updated:

The version of WebKit included in AIR has been updated to a newer version. The updated version includes Squirrelfish, a new bytecode interpreter that improves the execution speed of JavaScript for common actions. Our internal tests show that HTML-based AIR applications run as much as 35% faster for many types of operations. We have also added support for interactive debuggin fo Ajax-based AIR applications.

There is also a nice sample app that uses jQuery called BlackbookSafe.

Aptana is also helping you out with their new Studio plugin for AIR debugging:

Today’s release of the Adobe AIR Development Plug-in for Aptana Studio (beta) features, you guessed it — JavaScript debugging for Adobe AIR apps along with support for Adobe AIR 1.5 which Adobe announced earlier this week.

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I used Apatana to bang out a bunch of internal tools in AIR a few months ago. Sounds like I should grab the 1.5 release. The new sped-up JS is exciting. It’s nice to write JavaScript for a target when you KNOW no one’s going to try it in IE6. :-)

Comment by Nosredna — November 19, 2008

Still no SVG :(

Comment by antimatter15 — November 19, 2008

SVG? I don’t it’s possible, the reason is clearly

Comment by KKFC — November 19, 2008

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