Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The Ajax Universe: Ben and Dion showcase the Presentation Randomizer

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This was my favourite presentation of the year. Ben and I have given a lot of talks together, and to spice things up we created the presentation randomizer, a simple Ajax app that would sound a buzzer at random times. Why did we do this? When the buzzer went, we would have to instantly change presenter. “Who’s line is it anyway?” for geeks.

The presentation was recorded by Adobe, and Ted Patrick just pushed it live:

The Ajax revolution is complete: Sophisticated JavaScript user interfaces are nearly ubiquitous. Yet, the innovations in the Ajax community continue. Dion and Ben set the stage for the Ajax Experience by discussing the latest developments, including multithreaded JavaScript technology-powered UIs, robust offline storage, choosing the right Ajax/JavaScript technology framework, Ajax outside of the browser, and more.

Thanks again to the entire community that came out to The Ajax Experience. Without you, we wouldn’t have this opportunity.

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Excellent, I’m going to share this with my team at work, because I think the presentation type has some merit. I also really like the content.

Comment by esjay — November 4, 2008

When will you be posting all presentations on Adobe TV? Will you still be sending an email notification to all attendees?

Comment by VpG — November 5, 2008

Great presentation, some really insightful information in there.

Comment by MarianP — November 8, 2008

Fantastic presentation.

Any chance you’d be distributing “The Breakdown of Modern Web Development” chart?

Comment by pandincus — November 16, 2008

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