Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

The Broth: Ajax shared mosaic

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The Broth is a “Global Mosaic”, a massively multiplayer Web 2.0 application based on Ajax, Php and Mysql.

The Global Mosaic is made of 1,000 colorful tiles that are shared by everyone. When someone moves a tile, others can instantly see it move on their screens.

The team has a developer blog in which they discuss their use of Ajax and the other technologies.

The Broth

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:38 am

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Also like Ajax Magnetic Poetry

It used to be real-time like this, but I recall somewhere Aaron pulled the plug on the 1-sec refresh due to bandwidth, not sure what the status is now.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — April 26, 2006

Site’s down… mySQL db error. Overloaded from this post?

Comment by Ryan Gahl — April 26, 2006

from japan

Comment by GO — April 27, 2006

It seems this site has given up Ajax and gone to a Flash-based system.

Comment by Diodeus — December 19, 2007

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