Friday, September 14th, 2007

The Browser.Next List

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Alex has taken his last post on what he wanted to see from IE, and has gone a little meta, by talking about what he wants to see from all of the browsers, from an Ajax library authors perspective.

This is a nice list, and after you read it you realise how you would be dancing through fields of grass if it ever happened. That is even true when you look and see that it isn’t an insanely ambitious list! If the vendors just did this, we devs would be in a lot better state.

Happy Browser.Next

  • Event Opacity: Let me tell you how to bubble
  • Long-Lived Connections: Two tabs isn’t enough
  • Expose [DontEnum] To Library Authors: Give library authors this, now
  • Fast LiveCollection -> Array Transforms: Fast .toArray will work for now
  • Provided A Blessed Cache For Ajax Libraries: CDN for all
  • Mutation Events: Let libs know when a change happens
  • onLayoutComplete: “after onDomReady, but potentially before all images have finished loading, inform us when the layout and geometry have stabilized.”
  • HttpOnly cookies: Help us with security
  • Bundle Gears: When the open source set of APIs is ready for prime time
  • Standardize on the Firebug API’s: Nice debugging for all!

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I’ll take widely and properly supported (X)HTML, CSS and XML standards over any of these actually.

Comment by Menno van Slooten — September 14, 2007

Amen, Menno, amen.

Comment by andrew — September 14, 2007

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