Friday, January 26th, 2007

The Bug sets 1.0 on Fire

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Firebug 1.0 has reached a final release.

We know you have it installed in Firefox already, but if not, you know what to do.

Joe Hewitt released the final version with these words:

One year and twelve days later I am happy to announce that the leopard’s growl has been quieted to a purr, clearing the path for the final Firebug 1.0 to make its way in the world.

If you read this blog, that won’t mean much to you personally since you’re probably already using 1.0 beta. However, there are still tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people who are still using 0.4.1 and are going to get a very nice present the next time they restart Firefox.

Thanks to all the people who have supported Firebug during its infancy, especially those who have contributed new ideas and donations to the project. We’re just getting started here! If nothing else, I hope Firebug inspires the makers of other browsers to invest more time in development tools. The web development paradigm wants to evolve, but we can’t build the future with yesterday’s hammer.

Cheers again to Joe and team. 2.0 next January? Can’t wait to see what is in store.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:48 am

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Can’t live without it!

Comment by Sebastian — January 26, 2007

Well done Joe! Firebug is an Ajax developer’s best friend and it’s stunning how much functionality you elegantly pack into a neat little UI. Users are constantly stumbling across new features in Firebug!

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — January 26, 2007

absolutely indispensable. I have won so many programmers over to Firefox simply because of Firebug.

Comment by mdm-adph — January 26, 2007

best tool ever.

Comment by Alex93053 — January 26, 2007

Excellent guys! This is the bomb. I was having problems with the way-to-old version I had installed and popped over to their site to see about a fix and stumbled onto the 1.0. Lovin’ life :)

Comment by Curtis — January 26, 2007

I just read the atricle mentioned here:

I had no idea about the performance profiler. This is awesome!

Comment by JD — January 26, 2007

This is just an amazing add-on. It has saved me so much time. And Firebug Lite for IE/Safari/Opera makes debugging tolerable on those browsers.

Comment by david — January 26, 2007

Firebug, as well as Tidy are the most useful tools in my everyday life. David, where can you get Firebug Lite? I could always use help in debugging the mysteries of IE, haha!

Comment by Josh Skidmore — January 26, 2007

I think the last time something this cool happened was when the general community made the switch to 5th-gen browsers. ;) I saw a demo of some of the new features yesterday, and it’s like Joe thought of all those “little things” – eg. being able to edit box model attributes live in-line by clicking a value (ie. top padding), and using your up/down arrow or page up/down keys to change them. Can’t thank him enough for all the work he’s put into Firebug.

Comment by Scott Schiller — January 26, 2007

I’d too definitely like to keep Firebug Lite on peoples radar so it too continues to get some love.

Comment by Liam Clancy (metafeather) — January 26, 2007

Best. Plugin. Ever.

Comment by Mike Ritchie — January 26, 2007

Congrats and thanks to Joe. Great work!

Comment by Andy Kant — January 26, 2007


Comment by Chris Phillips — January 26, 2007


Comment by Rob Gonda — January 26, 2007

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well, 1.0, and still broken, _and_ it breaks AJAX. go firebug!

i gues working on linux isnt a requirement for a 1.0 release these days – maybe im just jealous of all you who can use this awesome tool..

cant wait till it works so i can donate :)

Comment by ix — January 26, 2007

A phenomenal product I’ve recommended to all developers since it’s first appearance. Truly indispensable – we could not donate enough! Perhaps Joe should put a pitch in widget on his site, as should supporters who are so inclined!

Comment by Frederick Townes — January 28, 2007

FireBug is a must! Thanks.

Comment by Tara — January 28, 2007

Nothing short of awesome. Living in an ie world, its a major contributor for my team to run firefox.

Comment by Matthew Kantor — January 28, 2007

You ppl can get the Firebug Lite at… I have not tried it yet, but that will be the first thing in the morning….

Comment by Manu Goel — January 29, 2007

Not bad, but useless for debugging json and other “eval’d” scripts

Comment by Silly — January 29, 2007

firebug lite is nice. It’s obviously not full-featured. But the console functions work, and you are even able to call your custom JS functions through it.

My favorite part is that if i leave a console.log(‘bla’); in the code, IE doesn’t crash anymore.

Comment by Kaanon — January 30, 2007

Well, I didnt like the Firbug Lite much…. partly coz I m used to the advanced features of the Firebug…. without them it is of little help

Comment by Manu Goel — January 31, 2007

Firebug had made client side web development the best that it has ever been. Impeccable, remarkable, fantastic and wonderful. ;)

Comment by RT — February 3, 2007

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