Monday, January 2nd, 2006

The Four “Quantum States” of Ajax

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Kevin Hakman, co-founder of TIBCO GI, wrote a piece on The Four “Quantum States” of Ajax.

Kevin tries to tease apart and classify the plethora of Ajax technologies available:

  • Communication libraries
  • User Interface Components
  • Rich Internet Application frameworks
  • RIA Frameworks with robust visual tooling

The article then goes into detail on these states, and various frameworks and usage.

What types of framework interest you?

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[…] Alot depends on how you define AJAX as well. See “4 Quantum States of AJAXâ€? @ If you’re heavy on the DHTML side of AJAX, not just the simple async-communications as in the example provided, then screen readers become progressively more challenged. I’ve actually found Windows Narrator (MSFT’s built-in screen reader) to work better with DHTML than JAWS historically, but then again there’s a new release of JAWS out that I’ve admittedly not explored yet. […]

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