Thursday, January 24th, 2008

The IE7 auto-rollout: fact and fiction

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When some people saw the new knowledge base article on IE 7 rollouts and thought “what? I finally get to see IE 6 die off????”.

Ken Fisher is here to tell us “sorry guys” in his piece on the IE7 auto rollout:

What’s happening: come February 12, Microsoft will release IE7 as an “Update Rollup” to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).  By treating IE7 as an “update roll-up,” the package can be pushed from Microsoft to WSUS without a WGA antipiracy check. This, you may recall, stems in part from a decision Microsoft made last year to treat IE7 more like a critical security update than an application update.

They key to understanding what’s happening in two weeks is WSUS. WSUS is not synonymous with Windows Update. WSUS is a management tool that works alongside Windows Update to allow IT admins to control how patches and updates are applied across a deployment. If you’re an IT shop, run WSUS and have it configured to install update rollups, then you’ll be getting IE7 that day. However, by default, WSUS is not set to automatically approve update roll-ups.

We will be enjoying IE 6 users for quite some time.

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When will the WGA antipiracy check get removed for the rest of Windows users that desperately need IE7?

Comment by Liquidrums — January 24, 2008

please please please can they wait until IE8 before they start doing this. Basically we’re gonna have to continue supporting IE6 for a while (bluerrgh) so they might as well take out 2 (lame) birds with 1 stone when IE8 comes out.

Comment by chickerino — January 24, 2008

IE8 is a non-breaking release for existing web pages, as far as I understand, so I’d prefer them to aggressively push out IE7 so we have some semblance of usability from an app developer’s point of view.

Comment by Joeri — January 24, 2008

I think WGA was removed so those that stole Windows can get IE7 now, Liquidrums.

Comment by Steve Roussey — January 24, 2008

All I know is that myself (a developer) and my dad (a typical user) have both come to hate IE, not because of anything other than it makes both of our lives a headache. This kind of a discussion shouldn’t even be necessary, it’s as though MS is determining how we browse sites and how we develop, they shouldn’t control a standard… because they have no standard from release to release, the only standard is that things that once worked will break and require companies to spend $ to rework code to work in the newest version of IE. I work contract, so it means more work and $ in my pocket, but I feel sorry for my customers and their sites requiring so much unnecessary man hours to baby sit the IE browser and make sure bug workarounds that we created are not broken in the newest release, when they fix their bugs.


Comment by MadeByChad — January 24, 2008

what a waste of time an energie .. to keep web page working for that old shit( ie6 )

so frustrating to do and redo same code to fix it IE6….

its a total failure by microsoft

Comment by Grimsk — January 24, 2008

make no mistake
at least half of my (and anyone else’s) clients will cling to ie6 like it’s some sort of precious metal, just to piss us off.

Comment by urandom — January 24, 2008

If people still use IE6, they must not want to use my website ;)

Comment by DigitalSkyline — January 24, 2008

I like that stand-point… I joke with someone I develop for about this… “Oh, it looks funny in IE (or just plain doesn’t work as in some random swfobject error where the version detection was broken and hence the load function never wrote the flash object to the div), don’t use IE then people”.

Unfortunately, in looking at the stats for the sites I mantain ( and his other sites), I see that 70% of visitors use some version of IE. That’s down from 90% just a year ago, even with the older demographic of people who are interested in these sites, that’s pretty good. LET THE SWITCH OVER TO NON-IE BROWSERS REIGN ON!!!

Comment by MadeByChad — January 25, 2008

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