Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The JavaScript Hyperbolic Browser

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Nicolas Garcia Belmonte has created a JavaScript Hyperbolic Browser.

What the frick is a Hyperbolic tree?

A Hyperbolic Tree (HT) is a “focus+context” information visualization technique used to display large amount of inter-related data. This technique was originally developed (and patented) at Xerox PARC.

Check out a real example, using Pearl Jam as a starting point. Click on a band, or click on an empty spot to zoom around.

Hyperbolic Tree

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:40 am

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link doesnt work. it says: could not connect

Comment by Gordon — October 10, 2007

But I want to connect …

Comment by Dan — October 10, 2007

They’re still having problems connecting to the database. Shame, it looks great.

Comment by Alex — October 10, 2007

Why must everything beautiful die! ;P

Comment by vance Dubberly — October 10, 2007

try click on the edge of the circle a few times, it will break the whole thing.

Comment by Simon Jia — October 10, 2007

now it connects but it doesnt give me a hyperbolic tree, just the names of the band members (of the fantastic band pearl jam) and an urchin tracker error (cuz of my adblocker), which i think shouldnt be the reason why the tree doesnt work. the tree works on the main page tho.

Comment by Gordon — October 10, 2007

I crippled it in a matter of seconds. it’s cool, but useless because it takes too much power to run. unfortunately it would be better if it was flash

Comment by James Murray — October 10, 2007

Sorry guys, but I didn’t know you were that many!!!!! :S
My database went down…

Comment by Nick — October 10, 2007

Gordon, what you were seeing there was the feed for the hyperbolic tree page.
You can see the hyperbolic tree here ( Just click on “hyperbolic browse this”.

Comment by Nick — October 10, 2007

ok. now it works. thanks for the hint, Nick.

Comment by Gordon — October 11, 2007

Nope it still doesn’t work

Comment by Benoit — October 11, 2007

All I get is a perpetual spinner

Comment by Steve Stuart — October 11, 2007

Next article- How to scale a hyperbolic tree application once you post it live.
Kidding- Nice work, looks very cool.

Comment by Matt — October 11, 2007

or… “how to buy some RAM”.

Comment by Nick — October 11, 2007

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Comment by Vytas — October 12, 2007

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