Thursday, December 28th, 2006

The Path to jQuery 1.1

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John Resig has posted on The Path to jQuery 1.1 which is not backwards compatible with 1.0. That being said, a compatibility plugin will be available to help the transition.

The planned changes are:

  • Methods like .oneclick() and .unclick() will be going away in favor of .one(”click”) (new) and .unbind(”click”). We found that these methods weren’t used enough to warrant the 70+ API entries that they required.
  • Selectors :nth-child(), :gt(), :lt(), and :eq() will all be starting count at 1 instead of 0, in line with the CSS specification. (This is a bug fix, but causes an incidental API change)
  • Some CSS helper methods are going away, like: .color() and .background(). You should start moving over to using .css(”color”) and .css(”background”) instead.
  • Some attribute helper methods like .title() and .rel() are going away. You should start using .attr(”title”) and .attr(”rel”) instead.

In other jQuery news, Rob Gonda has released AjaxCFC for jQuery which is a port of the client side.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:50 am

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Just FYI – the sole purpose of this release isn’t to break backwards compatibility, there’s a ton of great features that we’re introducing, that we’re really excited about; including some massive speed improvements that blow all other libraries out of the water. We’ll have more information about this when the alpha release of 1.1 comes out (Jan 7th).

Comment by John Resig — December 28, 2006

Thanks Dion, but I think the term ‘a port of the client side’ might be a little misleading. AjaxCFC expands the client side to include automatic serialization, logging, error trapping, security, and combines it with server side code to seamlessly interact with server side components.

Comment by Rob Gonda — December 28, 2006

That’s what you get for messin’ with Devo!!
This just in…. each release will be incompatible with just about everything, but wait, we’re sure that you’ll find the features very worthwhile, well… at least for a little while until we come up with something else.

Oh yeah… one more thing… JQuery rulez and everything else sucks….

Comment by Michael — December 28, 2006

@Michael: Wow, interesting perspective. Not sure where all of that sarcasm comes from but its certainly not representative of anyone associated with the jQuery project.

The development team is really doing some great work and v1.1 will be a very big step forward in easing the development of RIAs based on DOM, Javascript and AJAX.

In terms of backwards compatibility, all deprecated methods are being documented properly and as John mentioned, there will be a compatibility plugin to help transition existing applications to jQuery v1.1.

Comment by Rey Bango — December 28, 2006

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