Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The Presentation Tier @ TSSJS

Justin Gehtland is the track host of The Presentation Tier track at TheServerSide Java Symposium.

In this podcast interview, Justin discusses all that has to happen on the server side in order to render Ajax and its related technologies on the client side, what the shift toward RESTful-style apps means for developers, why there’s an increased focus on security as it pertains to what ends up in the browser — and how all of this, and much more, will be covered in-depth at TSSJS.

Justin discusses the goal of the Presentation Tier track – To get developers thinking about the presentation tier as a distinct layer of their application, not just the output. Sessions featured in the track help you: understand the server-side technologies at your disposal for creating rich interactive applications, the potential impact presentation technologies can have on the design of your server-side applications, your presentation framework options, and how to quickly and securely integrate rich components into your Web apps.

Presentation- focused sessions include:

Advanced Ajax with Seam and Spring Web Flow
Ajax Framework Comparison
Designing Compelling Web Applications for Mobile Devices
Grails for Struts Developers: A Groovy Alternative
Groovy, Grails, and Google Maps: Mashups 101
HTTP for Web Developers
Modern JavaScript: Code Standards and Patterns
OpenLaszlo: From RIA to Ajax and Mobile
Web Security Success with Spring Security 2
Expert Panel: Wherefore the Surface Tier?

See the complete conference agenda.

TSSJS will be at The Venetian in Las Vegas, March 26-28. Review the conference agenda, and reserve your seat.

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